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WP1: Project Management

The prime objective of Work Package 1 is the rational management of the individual work packages of the project and the coordination of the collaborating teams. The effective coordination of the various research and technical activities, of partners and contributors, within the established timetable and financial resources will be the outcome of the specific WP.


WP2: Dissemination Of Results

The main objective of Work Package 2 is the proper dissemination and exploitation of the outcomes of the research project to all partners in Cyprus, relative bodies such as the Town Planning and Housing Department, the Department of Antiquities, Local Authorities, the Cyprus Organization of Architectural Heritage, the Cyprus Scientific Technical Chamber, the ICOMOS, research and academic institutes, private researchers - architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers - dealing with the maintenance and conservation of vernacular buildings and also with the erection of new structures, as well as to the public and the international scientific community.


WP3: Database of bioclimatic parameters of vernacular buildings in the historic centre of Nicosia

The main objective of Work Package 3 is the investigation of the bioclimatic parameters of traditional buildings in the historic centre of Nicosia, focusing on the areas of Kaimakli and Chrysaliniotissa. Assessment of findings with regard to the existing local climatic data (e.g. natural ventilation, solar radiation, etc.) is being conducted. Moreover, WP3 indicates the sample of buildings that is thoroughly being investigated in terms of field measurements.


WP4: Recordings of temperature and humidity, benchmarking of recorded data, laboratory measurements to determine the main characteristics of the principle traditional materials.

The main objective of Work Package 4 is to record and evaluate temperature and relative humidity data on selected buildings and conduct experimental laboratory research for the determination of the characteristics of traditional and contemporary building materials. Data recordings take place in a representative sample of vernacular and contemporary buildings that emerge from the comparative inventory and qualitative analysis incorporated in WP3.


WP5: Modeling and Simulation of data

The main objective of WP5, is the characterization of the energy efficiency of the traditional buildings under study by means of simulations, taking into consideration the field measurements recorded in WP4.


WP6: Suggestions and Rehabilitation Proposals. Conclusions.

This Work Package concludes on proposals concerning design and construction tools, new solutions and innovative approaches aiming at the improvement of the total comfort of the interior space of buildings. It will also lead to technical instructions and measures for rehabilitating and upgrading the traditional building stock with the aim of enhancing the comfort within the building envelope thus avoiding the removal of elements of bioclimatic design.



The research is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research Promotion Foundation (Project Technological Development and Innovation Δέσμη 2009-2010, ΑΝΘΡΩΠΙΣΤΙΚΕΣ/ΑΝΘΡΩ/0609/ΒΙΕ).